We are excited to support our student athletes by offering NCAA-approved high school courses. It is important that teachers and families understand the process for NCAA eligibility so we can be sure to set students up for success. If you have a student interested in NCAA, please notify the high school team immediately.

In order to meet NCAA eligibility requirements students must:

  • Review the NCAA’s guide for college-bound student-athletes. This includes information regarding course sequence, GPA, SAT, and ACT requirements. It also includes the steps to create an account with the NCAA eligibility center which is required. They can create a free account but must pay the fee during their senior year. You can also review the NCAA’s initial-eligibility brochure with the family.
  • Develop a graduation plan that will meet the NCAA’s core course requirements. Here is a tracking tool for you to use for your NCAA students. NCAA Tracking Tool This tracking tool is not required, but has been provided to you by the Counseling Department.