Our Approach


An Approach Like No Other

Our approach to high school education at Cottonwood is very different from traditional schools. We believe that when students guide their own education, they come to value learning and recognize its relevance to their life — and their success.

Establishing a lifelong love of learning

We emphasize project-based learning and interdisciplinary studies that allow course content to develop around the individual student’s interests. Students are matched up with a single teacher, or learning coach, for the entire four-year high school experience.

Honoring a holistic education

The Cottonwood High School provides a supportive and safe environment that nurtures whole-student development. Our methodology is based on Montessori principles of teaching and learning. We believe that balanced, holistic development enhances overall learning. We nurture the students’ growth socially and emotionally, while also making sure the students can achieve the academic excellence they need to successfully transition into college or a career.

Building community together

We recognize that for high school students to profoundly contribute to our diverse world, they must feel rooted in a supportive community. Education goes hand in hand with collaboration, relationships, and a strong sense of belonging. At The Cottonwood School, we are reimagining community and reshaping education to keep pace with the evolving demands and opportunities of the 21st century.

Our flexible approach to learning allows students to develop all aspects of themselves. The Cottonwood School promotes a positive growth mindset that embraces learning and establishes a strong foundation for future personal success in academics, career, and community.

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