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The love of learning…by design

The Cottonwood Site-Based High School is a FREE public charter school located in the Buckeye Union School District in beautiful El Dorado Hills. At TCHS the course of study blends Common Core, project-based learning, and 21st Century skills with the philosophy of Montessori. Incorporating TCHS values with the spiraling curriculum deepens understanding leading to student agency–where a student has a growth mindset to take charge of their own learning.

The TCHS students are expected to complete the courses required for graduation. Students are encouraged to pursue internships, special projects, and other endeavors with the guidance of an advisor for credit toward graduation. Advisors help students find educational resources, assist students to target key academic learning goals, work with mentors to ensure the rigor of internships, and actively involve parents in their student’s education.

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  • Our Vision | The Why

    The Cottonwood School’s vision is to guide our student community to love learning, to profoundly contribute to our diverse world, and to lead lives of achievement.

  • Our Mission | The How

    The Cottonwood School, influenced by Montessori principles, provides an innovative, rigorous, self-exploring education through experiential learning, design thinking, and meaningful interdisciplinary studies cultivating a growth mindset.

  • Who We Serve | Cities and Areas

    We serve students within El Dorado Hills, Shingle Springs, Folsom, Cameron Park, and the surrounding communities, and Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Alpine, and Amador counties.

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